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2018 House League Rules - updated June 1

Registration for the 2019 season is now open! Please click on an icon below to register for the house league division.



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About the House League Program

House League is a recreational level of baseball for boys and girls of all skill levels and experiences. This program allows children to play twice a week (1 practice and 1 game in Sr Rookie and higher) or once a week (practice and game on the same night) for the younger kids (T-Ball and Jr Rookie). Teams will play against other teams within the Richmond Hill Baseball Club’s House League division. Boys and girls play together on the same teams.

The focus at this level is to promote sportsmanship, fun, and a greater enjoyment of baseball. Regardless of the standings, all teams will qualify for playoffs at the end of the season.

New players are welcome in all divisions! Absolutely no previous baseball experience is required at any age to play houseleague baseball!

** The 2019 House League season will start on Monday May 27 and end on Friday August 30 **

Phoenix Day is Sunday September 8, 2018

TENTATIVE House League Division Activity and Convenors for 2019

We require convenors for all house league divisions! If you are interested in volunteering to be a convenor, please contact Marni Uger at

T-Ball and Jr Rookie divisions play at Richvale. Other divisions use many different baseball diamonds. Most baseball diamonds used are in the south part of Richmond Hill. 
Division Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Convenor
T-Ball     T-Ball Practice and Game, 6:30pm at Richvale  
Jr Rookie       Jr Rookie Practice and Game, 6:00pm at Richvale
Sr Rookie Sr Rookie Practice, 6:30pm Sr Rookie Game, 6:30pm Sr Rookie - occasional 6:30pm game  
Mosquito   Mosquito Practice, 6:30pm Mosquito Game, 6:30pm Mosquito - occasional 6:30pm practice 

Benson Hsu

Peewee Peewee Game
most at 6:30, some at 8:30
  Peewee - occasional 6:30pm practice  PeeWee Practice
most at 6:30, some at 8:30

Royan Lee

Bantam Bantam Practice, 6:30pm or 8:30pm  Bantam Game, 6:30pm or 8:30pm    


Midget Midget Game, 8:30pm Midget Practice, 8:30pm