Richmond Hill Phoenix 15u Elite 2020 - 2021

Head Coach: Gianni Nieri 

647-909-2826 or


About The Program

  • Elite Baseball is the top level of competition provided by Baseball Ontario between the ages of 15U and 18U.

  • The Elite Baseball League of Ontario (EBLO) hosts a 20 regular season for teams across Ontario,  seperated into 4 divisions based on region

  • Features tournaments and showcases in Canada and USA

  • Team will include fall ball schedules against Elite teams across Ontario and a March Break (Spring Training) trip. (If allowed and safe).

  • The most noticeable difference between Richmond Hill Phoenix EBLO and other private Elite programs is the cost; RHP player fees do not exceed $2600. Excluding Richmond Hill Phoenix player registration fee.

  • All statistics, standings and news can be viewed and are updated on


About The 15u Elite Team (2006 Birth Year)

  • 13 - 16 player roster

  • Regular season consists of the most competitive teams in Ontario

  • At least 2 USA tournaments (if allowed and safe)

  • 3-4 Tournaments in Ontario 

  • Elimination tournament, Provincials and Nationals 

  • Recruitment Opportunities

  • Well maintained fields and private facility 

  • 4 Highly Trained Coaches 

  • SCHOOL COMES FIRST - Coaches will accommodate if players have school related tasks/activities

    • Breaks during January and June exam periods


Team Selection

  • Players born 2006 or later 

  • Looking to fill 13 - 16 players on the roster

  • Roster will be chosen by mid to late August 


  • Tryouts or Private Tryouts will be held in Richmond Hill 

  • Tryouts will be conducted by all four coaches unless directed otherwise by club due to COVID-19


15u Elite Coaches (NCCP Certified Coaches, NO Parent Coaches, UNPAID) 

  • Head Coach: Gianni Nieri - Regional and Provincial Coach (2ND TO LEFT)

    • Over 15 years of baseball experience

    • More than 25 years of competitive sport experience 

    • Past Head Coach for 8 highly competitive baseball teams

    • Umpire Level 3
  • Hitting Coordinator: Eric Loeng (RIGHT)

    • Over 12 years of high level baseball experience

    • Outfielder for the York Lions University Baseball Team

    • Umpire Level 2.2
  • Fielding & Catching Coordinator: Kaz Nieri-Horiuchi (LEFT)

    • Over 12 years of high level baseball experience 

    • Catcher / Middle Infielder for the York Lions University Baseball Team

    • International Experience: WBSC U23 World Cup Qualifier (Peruvian National Team)

    • Umpire Level 3
  • Pitching Coordinator / Baseball Analytics: Aaron Preiano (2ND TO RIGHT)

    • Over 12 years of high level baseball experience

    • Working towards Driveline certification 

    • Pursuing degree in Sport Management at Brock University

    • Umpire Level 3


Team Fundraising (To Reduce Costs)

  • FlipGive App

    • FlipGive is a free team funding app for sports teams that help parents raise money with the things they are already buying.

    • The FlipGive App has over 600 brands, retailers, and gift cards, such as Under Armour, Walmart and Apple. Parents shop through the app and a percentage of their spend is given back to the team.

    • Always an effective way to raise money

  • Raffles

  • Any other ideas from Parents are accepted


Sponsors (To Reduce Costs)

  • 407

  • ArtSoft 

  • 407 and ArtSoft are our most partnered sponsors

  • Any other sponsors parents / coaches are able to get


2020 - 2021 Timeline

  • July - August: 

    • Tryouts, private tryouts if certain guidelines regarding COVID-19 are not met

  • September - October: 

    • Outdoor Practices, Fall Ball, 1-2 Tournaments, depending on COVID-19 guidelines with club, city, province, YSBA and OBA.

  • November: 

    • Baseline testing and Evaluations - skills, mobility, speed, etc. Team Bonding, practices and conditioning start. Depending on COVID-19 guidelines with club, city, province, YSBA and OBA.

  • December: 

    • Practices continue and start to intensify.

  • January - February:

    • Team begins to prepare for spring training and season.

  • March: 

    • Spring Training during March break (optional and if possible due to COVID-19)

  • April: 

    • Team practices (possibly outdoor, weather dependent), exhibition games, re-evaluation of testing

  • May - July: 

    • Regular Season games, USA and Canada Tournaments/Showcases, Elimination Tournament

  • August: 

    • YSBA playoffs, OBA playoffs, Nationals (must qualify)


Recruitment Opportunities 

  • Prep Baseball Report (PBR) Showcases

  • Every player will create a Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) and a PBR profile

  • Will Attend 1-2 Showcase tournament(s) in USA / Canada



Facility / Fields 

  • New Richmond Hill Phoenix facility only RHP players are permitted to use

    • Very convenient and accessible, right off 407 and 400

    • 2 Retractable Batting Cages (2 Z Screens)

    • Open Turf Area

    • Pitching Tunnels with mounds 

    • Whiteboard and TV for optimal development 

    • Lounge with TV for parents

    • 6 Bow Nets, 6 Tees


    • MLB sized diamond

    • Clay infield

    • High end lighting for night time games/practices

    • Bullpens in Foul Territory

    • Well Maintained

  • Richmond Green Complex

    • 3 full sized diamonds located at RG



Winter Training

  • Winter Training will be located at the RHPBC Facility right off the 407 and 400

  • 1 - 2 Valuable Practices per week starting in November until start of season in May

  • Blast Motion included in practices 

  • Weighted Balls and Medicine Ball program for pitching, specific workout for each player

  • Plenty of 1 on 1 time player to coach 

  • Strength and Conditioning program for players during practices and home.



Blast Motion (Hitting)

  • Used by over 80% of MLB teams

  • Blast Motion combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-edited video clips in an easy to use mobile app

  • Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better 

  • Will use this state of the art technology to help improve bat speed, launch angle, swing path and overall swing mechanics

  • Blast Motion Video


Weighted Balls and Medicine Ball Programs (Pitching)

  • Underload and overload plyo balls to help increase velocity, control and reduce the risk of injury

  • Medicine balls used to isolate certain parts in the delivery to create the most efficient delivery possible 

  • Each program is designed for individual needs depending on the player 

  • Many top MLB pitchers use these methods such as Trevor Bauer


Strength and Conditioning

  • Through a proper strength and conditioning program, a player can prevent injuries, recover from activities faster, and be better prepared for a strenuous season.

  • Players will be given workouts to do during practices

  • Players will be expected to complete at home mobility, core and strength exercises



  • Practice Uniforms (Shorts and Dri-fits)

  • Game Uniforms (Pants and Jerseys)

  • Socks 

  • Belt

  • 1 extra jersey (surprise) 

  • New Era RHP baseball hats


Tryouts & Information

Contact Head Coach Gianni Nieri with any questions, or tryout information: