Registration for the 2021 SELECT AND REP Season is NOW Open

Registration for House League is NOW Open



Registrations are received on a first-come-first-served basis. Once houseleague teams are full (usually around April 15), new registrations will be wait-listed.

**Please note: Only one request per player will be considered. Any request to be on the same team with another player must be reciprocated by the other player.  These requests must be indicated in the "special request" section of the registration form and subject to availability. No requests after April 30th.

Rep and Select

ONLY register for rep or select if you have already tried out and been accepted to a rep or select team. Some select and rep fees are now included in the league registration fee. Other rep and select fees are extra and are paid directly to each team. Please contact your rep or select coach for more information.

All players

Credit card payment is required for all registrations (payments are secure and use PayPal, but you DO NOT need to set up a separate PayPal account).

Click here for Instructions on how to get Tax Receipts online


(a)   For first time users, your email address is the primary key that identifies you in our Registration System. If you use multiple email addresses (i.e. work and home), please consider using the email address that you will best suit you and that you can remember.
(b)   Add the email address to your email Contact List so return emails from us are not filtered out as Spam.


2021 Registration Fees by Age and Division
Birth Year House League Select League* Rep League*
Division Early Bird** Regular Division Prior to January 31st deadline Regular Division Prior to January 31st deadline Regular
2016 T-Ball $150.00 $150.00            
2014 Jr Rookie $215.00 $235.00            
2013 Sr Rookie $355.00 $395.00 9U $575.00 $625.00 8U
$625.00 $695.00
2012 9U $625.00 $695.00
2011 Mosquito $355.00 $395.00 11U $575.00 $625.00 10U $625.00 $695.00
2010 11U $625.00 $695.00
2009 Peewee
$355.00 $395.00 13U $575.00 $625.00 12U $625.00 $695.00
2008 13U $625.00 $695.00
2007 Bantam
$355.00 $395.00 15U $575.00 $625.00 14U $625.00 $695.00
2006 15U $625.00 $695.00
2005 Midget
$355.00 $395.00       16U $625.00 $695.00
2004       18U $625.00 $695.00
1999 - 2002             22U $625.00 $695.00
 1998 or before              No Senior team in 2021

* Select and Rep League teams charge additional fees which are assessed on a team by team basis. 

**Note: Select and Rep League Fees are due prior to Team use of the Richmond Hill Pheonix Facility or before January 31, 2021.**

** Early bird rates are available until January 31, 2021. Regular rates apply on or after February 1, 2021.



  • Full uniform: jersey, cap and baseball pants
  • Team photo & individual player photo
  • Diamond fees paid to the Town of Richmond Hill
  • Umpire fees
  • Equipment: includes bats, balls, bases, and catcher gear (will be on hand at every game)
  • Trophies for all players
  • Insurance coverage
  • T-Ball and Jr Rookie divisions play once a week: practice and game on the same day
  • All other divisions play twice a week: one practice and one game each week


  • CSA approved batting helmet with chin strap. Face mask is not required, but can be used if you wish.
  • Baseball glove
  • Running shoes or baseball cleats (with rubber cleats, not metal)
  • Genital protection (Jock)

    NO SHORTS! Players need to wear LONG track type or baseball pants at all practices. Baseball pants are required for all games. Richmond Hill diamonds are constructed from a limestone screening that tends to scrape and scratch exposed knees and legs.


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